Features and Changes

  • Brand new screen “View Accounting Transactions" with improved searching capabilities, speed, filtering, and style.
  • Adds more international VAT or tax labels available for print templates.
  • Adds the ability to sort by description in the bank feeds.
  • Refreshes design of the screen for creating and editing storage locations.
  • Adds ‘reset account’ feature available during free trial.


  • Improves some text in the in-app help.
  • Adds support for accounts 649x and 672x in French-style P&L.
  • Optimizes the way company information is stored in the database.
  • Fixes the global search that could sometimes show empty screens when filtered by document type.
  • Fixes a UI glitch in bank feeds that would cause a row to seem matched for a moment when it was not.
  • Allows searching for portions of words that come after an apostrophe.
  • Improves the default title of ‘Delivery Note’ in Icelandic.
  • Prevents a cash drawer from lacking an asset account or journal, which caused accounting to be written poorly.
  • Removes redundant document code from accounting description in View Accounting Transactions and Chart of Account drill down.
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