Features and Changes

  • Adds an option to turn off the sales taxes or VAT across the app.
  • Automatically sets the VAT on or off based on the country selected on the sign-up page.
  • Automatically sets the sales tax label based on the country selected on the sign-up page.
  • Adds the email address shown in the 'From:' selector in the email document form.


  • Updates document customization / edit screen to follow user-language setting.
  • Fixes incorrect balances shown in bank transfer wizard when you opening balance differs from accounting.
  • Fixes exception during scrolling in the accounting dashboard => P&L => income drill-down.
  • Fixes drill-down from P&L results in an empty screen.
  • Fixes missing and duplicate lines in the accounting dashboard drill down.
  • Fixes an error shown when loading the accounting dashboard with no bank yet created.
  • Fixes a broken link to sales receipt in the customer payment search screen help text.
  • Fixes an issue switching taxes from a percentage to 'None' in Expenses and Receipts.
  • Fixes inventory entry description not updated in the /list screen.
  • Fixes opening the accounting entry wizard causes an error if the linked document is not accessible by the current user.
  • Fixes employee name not updated for OAuth sign-in.
  • Fixes CoA account number length for managed accounts.
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