Features and Changes

  • Updates French onboarding to allow VAT on "Encaissement" for Inventory enabled accounts
  • Updates French onboarding to not ask about VAT point when VAT is turned off.
  • Improves back-end handling of attachments for a future improvement to Expenses.


  • Fixes the display of the "Simple"/"Multi-line" selector in Expense when you change the expense type.
  • Allows importing of a bank entries with lines that have a value of 0.00. It now warns you instead of blocking the upload.
  • Fixes white-label issues for managed accounts.
  • Fixes a broken link to the support guide for importing products in French language.
  • Fixes an issue with account migration tool for managed accounts.
  • Removes the "Save Email" button when the user is not allowed to change their email address due to OAuth 2 integration.
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