Features and Changes

  • Adds clickable links in P&L and trial balance to view the related transactions.
  • Updates logout redirect URL for some managed accounts.
  • Improves performance of the product export.
  • Updates customers API.
  • Prevents edition of some fields after a fiscal year is closed.
  • Prevents changing of the currency of an invoice or bill as soon as a payment is applied.
  • Improves the experience importing customer/vendor when an incorrect country iso code is used.
  • Prevents deletion of a vendor linked to a tax rate.
  • Improves the labels of some fields in Product for linked inventory accounts.
  • Prevents edition of customer field in invoice when it is created from customer context.


  • Fixes an issue exporting invoices.
  • Fixes the bad display of value list if the selector is near the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixes an icon display issue introduced by spaces for Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Fixes two issue with card view not rendering in view modes.
  • Fixes the generation of a legacy inventory report.
  • Fix issue that causes support chat not to be displayed when the subscription is not a managed one.
  • Fixes memos filtering in bills.
  • Fixes bank feeds search by relevance issue.
  • Fixes a bank feeds search issue where entries not loading after validation or unmatch.
  • Fixes issue with certain search screens sporadically not showing results.
  • Fixes an issue allocating a payment deposit.
  • Fixes an issue selecting customer and vendor contacts.
  • Fixes an issue where the newly uploaded attachments were not linked to accounting transactions.
  • Blocks access to bank on boarding for Chinese accounts.
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