Features and Changes

  • Adds Opportunity Task list in the Opportunity menu.
  • Adds new version of A/R and A/P reports and removes the old version.
  • Moves the email field in the top section of the contact form.
  • Updates bank feeds page, to combine the bank entry date description in the same column.
  • Adds the object type name in the view mode header for Customer, Lead, Vendor, Project, and Opportunity 360° View.


  • Fixes an issue where the 'Back' button needed to be clicked twice, then would take you too far back.
  • Prevents deprecated features from being selectable from the searches.
  • Fixes an issue where the cash flow graph would include balance carried forward from a year end closing.
  • Fixes the underlying accounting for some expenses were not set to draft when matching from the bank feeds.
  • Fixes missing data when converting a lead to a customer.
  • Fixes incorrect user assigned by default in the customer form.
  • Fixes an issue that allowed accounting entries to be un-reconciled after the accounting entries are locked.
  • Fixes a cache issue when resetting data in an account.
  • Fixes an issue when attempting to export an empty set of expenses or sales receipts.
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