Features and Changes

  • Adds the Duplicate feature to expenses.
  • Adds the Duplicate feature to sales receipts.
  • Adds Polish as a printing language.
  • Adds new branded login pages for CPA partners.
  • Adds a CAPTCHA during bank onboarding.


  • Fixes an issue with starting balance in the accounting Cash Flow drill-down.
  • Fixes bad links for A/R and A/P reports.
  • Fixes an inconsistency between the accounting dashboard and the accounting transactions page.
  • Fixes an issue where services could not be exported.
  • Fixes an issue saving customer contact during the creation of the customer.
  • Fixes the display of certain Expenses/Receipts lines in the tax report.
  • Fixes the Home page greeting message becoming outdated if the app is used for many hours.
  • Adds the button "close a tax period" when no periods have been closed.
  • Improves the display of the Help widget for certain managed accounts.
  • Fixes the search box disappearing if the search is empty.
  • Fixes a performance issue when using the back button to close pages repeatedly.
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