Features and Changes

  • Adds new feature, Justify Expense. Allows you to upload images of receipts to justify expenses for tax filing.
  • Modernizes the inventory count sheet report.


  • Improves account switching between several managed accounts.
  • Improves sync alert messages for Square sync.
  • Prevents reconciliations from being removed when editing a reconciled document.
  • Fixes the Cash Flow widget in the accounting dashboard from showing bad bank balances due to year end closings.
  • Fixes unresponsive User Interface in some specific cases.
  • Fixes the chat button that was sometimes not displaying in the help widget.
  • Fixes partner login page: logging out of a managed account, you were taken back to the wrong login page.
  • Fixes partner login page: when a wrong credential was entered, it would take you back to the wrong login page.
  • Fixes manual match not working with unpaid expenses.
  • Fixes a temporary issue showing the list of inventory transfers.
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