Features and Changes

  • Adds support for Belgium (French) chart of accounts and default taxes.
  • Adds an option to email attachments with documents.
  • Adds “All” total and filter in expense search.
  • Saves the last accessed tab on log-out.


  • Corrects some translations for the inventory count sheet report.
  • Stops the unnecessary duplication of project/customer/notes when generating automatic accounting from the bank feeds.
  • Fixes project amounts that sometimes don't add up properly.
  • Fixes an issue manually matching a bank entry to vendor payments.
  • Fixes the default user group for some managed accounts.
  • Fixes logo size issue for managed accounts.
  • Fixes the default sales tax label for US accounts.
  • Fixes incorrect drawing of the bank balance graph for certain cases.
  • Fixes error messages in the expense/sales receipt screens.
  • Fixes an issue preventing conversion of multiple delivery notes to a single invoice.
  • Fixes issue sometimes preventing saving customer contact information.
  • Fixes issue where printing subscription receipt for OneUp services fails for some accounts.
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