Features and Changes

  • Adds the ability to search by Chart of Accounts number and name for Categories in CPA mode.
  • Adds GCT tax for Jamaica
  • Adds Customize Categories to Expenses menu


  • Fixes inventory count sheet date in report header.
  • Removes yellow background when updating a recognized value in OCR workflow for mobile devices.
  • Fixes translated "Income" "Expense" and "Refund" text for Category type on mobile devices.
  • Fixes Upload button for Firefox and IE when linking receipt to expense.
  • Fixes iOS UI glitch when searching through expenses from OCR workflow.
  • Fixes a wrong positioning for receipt preview.
  • Fixes layout of Customer editor for French accounts.
  • Adjusts layout for Welcome slides.
  • Improves the position of the (+) during trial for mobile devices.
  • Improves the title for expense form when opened as a pop-up.
  • Updates the Expenses search to show the notes on the first expense line.
  • Migrates global expense memo to expense line notes.
  • Prevents expense line notes being re-used when duplicating expense.
  • Adds a warning to the "PO Number" field in sales order to warn if the PO Number is too long.
  • Fixes an issue creating custom items like "Department" and "Position".
  • Fixes improper case sensitivity when searching for categories.
  • Fixes an issue where Category selector does not close when you stop hovering it.
  • Fixes an issue preventing sales receipts export.
  • Fixes issue when accessing Customize Categories with the “manager” user role.
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