Features and Changes

  • New look and feel for Vendor form.
  • New look and feel for Bank Transfer form.
  • Adds employee filter to expense search screen.
  • Uses posted date instead of transaction date when creating an expense from the bank feeds.
  • Removes the ability to create a vendor contact from the purchase documents.
  • Disables Square billing for square accounts outside of US/CA.


  • Fixes an issue that displayed the print preview when creating receipt from the bank feeds.
  • Fixes expense/sales receipt form edition when a document is locked.
  • Fixes payee template from history not applied in expense form in the bank feeds context.
  • Fixes payment date was not mandatory in expense/sales receipt form.
  • Fixes an exception when trying to edit a sales receipt from the manual match suggest documents.
  • Fixes the deletion of a Sales receipt when unmatching a bank match.
  • Fixes invisible tax field in receipt form for US accounts.
  • Fixes bank deposit not deleted when an invoice payment is deleted.
  • Fixes format of FEC export for CSV.
  • Fixes an error when creating accounting entries from the bank feeds with a label longer than 128 characters.
  • Fixes an issue where one step bank matching algorithm was not returning any results.
  • Fixes issue in bank feeds reconciler preventing population of the budget category.
  • Fixes amounts that did not appear on screen in some reports.
  • Fixes an error in cash drawer sales details report for some cases.
  • Fixes cash drawer report layout to use full width.
  • Fixes an error when removing the last remaining period in accounting reports.
  • Fixes in issue creating custom data inline in new forms.
  • Fixes address form browser-side validation.
  • Fixes credit memos that were unable to be paid when inside a closed fiscal year.
  • Fixes opportunity 360 View not working with "Inventory" user role.
  • Improves performance in sales dashboard for large accounts.
  • Improves performance in cash drawer closing balance on large accounts.
  • Improves performance in cash drawer sales detail report.
  • Improves performance in stock search.
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