Features and Changes

  • Adds the print/email actions to sales receipt.
  • Adds ability to use negative amounts on expense and sales receipt.
  • Adds message to clarify why the split button is disabled in sales receipt in some cases.
  • Improves data detection when running OCR on purchase receipts.
  • Improves the search results when searching for amounts with different formats (including negative formats).


  • Fixes an issue where clicking Done button repeatedly created duplicate items.
  • Fixes an error when trying to detect duplicates when creating a new expense/sales receipt.
  • Fixes rounding check in expense/sales receipt that prevented saving during update.
  • Fixes a wrong header label for expense number in expense export.
  • Fixes bank entry match label that did not have the vendor name.
  • Fixes global search issue with no sorting.
  • Fixes change password fields that were not reset in user settings.
  • Fixes an error when editing a phone call.
  • Fixes some form field layout issues.
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