Features and Changes

  • Allows multi-file upload in "Uploaded Files"
  • Adds "Attached" "Not Attached" tabs to "Uploaded Files"
  • Updates style of filename in "Uploaded Files" cards.


  • Fixes an issue displaying preview for .png files.
  • Fixes issue showing amount 0.00 when attaching an attachment to an expense.
  • Fixes wording of error message when uploading attachments.
  • Fixes inconsistency in HT, TVA and TTC fields for expense and receipt.
  • Fixes amount+tax field that was not editable if tax was chosen first in expense and receipt.
  • Fixes manual match with fixed asset.
  • Fixes an issue when importing bank entries with special characters.
  • Fixes reconcile validation when using multi-match in some cases.
  • Fixes vendor form default data to allow more accounting accounts.
  • Fixes condition blocking applying sales receipt to invoice.
  • Fixes paid amount is shown as 0.00 when paying an invoice with sales receipt.
  • Fixes wrong company name in email subject after changing the company name.
  • Fixes a performance issue in PO when applying global discount.


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