OneUp Payments by Paystand is an innovative online payment solution that allows you to collect payment from your customer via credit card or eCheck (ACH) at very competitive rates. With OneUp Payments enabled, you no longer have to worry about sending receipts, manually updating invoice statuses or keeping track of transaction fees. OneUp Online Payments is only for US-based companies, processing in US Dollar.

Getting Started

To turn on OneUp Payments, choose a rate plan and fill out our brief form. All information is transmitted securely to PayStand for the purpose of underwriting you to process payments. If you are unsure of your bank routing or account number, please contact your bank for assistance.

Verifying your bank account

Before requesting your first payment, you must verify your bank account so that we are able to deposit your payments. Once you submitted your form, PayStand made two small deposits to your bank account. Check your bank website or call your bank to retrieve these two numbers. Then go to Payments Settings to enter these amounts. It does not matter which order you type them in. Once your bank account is verified, your OneUp Payment by PayStand feature is activated, and you can request your first payment.

Requesting your first payment

There are three different ways to request payment: directly when creating an invoice, from the list of unpaid invoices, and when reopening an existing invoice.

Requesting payment when creating an invoice

1. Set up and fill your invoice as you normally would. Make sure to select the proper payment terms or number of installments that you need.

2. When you click “Done” on the new invoice, the print preview window will appear, just click the “Request Payment” button:

3. From the “Request Payment” feature, you may see a list of installments, if you’ve chosen a multi-installment payment terms for this invoice. You have the option of choosing any combinations of installments together that you wish.

4. If you’ve chosen the Standard OneUp for Payments plan, you are able to choose whether you want to allow your client to pay only with Credit Card, only with eCheck, or either. The Starter plan does not include eCheck so you can only select the Credit Card option.



Tip: To save on processing fees, you may want to limit your client to pay only with eCheck for larger payment requests.


5. After clicking “Next >” you are able to address the payment request to your client. You may only type one email address into this box. This is in order to prevent duplicate payments from occurring. If you need to send the invoice to other parties, you can return to the invoice and use the emailing feature separately (the envelope icon)



Type the message specific to your customer. This message will only be used for this payment and must be typed in personally each time.


6. After sending the request, your invoice preview will remain open in case you need to print, download pdf, or email additional copies.


Requesting payment from the list of unpaid invoices

You can also access the Request Payment feature directly from the list of unpaid invoices:

Requesting payment by opening an existing invoice

If you’ve already clicked to open an existing invoice, you can request payment through the printer icon at the bottom.


What your client will see

Your client will receive this brief email including your company name, logo, and message.


When clicking “Pay Now” they will see a preview of the invoice and the payment checkout form. The client address is filled in automatically from the billing address of the invoice.



When selecting eCheck, your client can easily login to their banking website and pay with an ACH transfer.


After Your Client Pays

Receipt of Payment is emailed to the customer

Your client will receive a receipt of payment via email:


"You Got Paid" notification gets emailed to you

You will receive an email notification that your customer has paid you:


Invoice status is updated

The invoice (or installments) will be marked paid, and the invoice will be moved from the list of “Unpaid” invoices to the “Paid” list.


Payment is scheduled for deposit

Once the payment is received, it is scheduled to be deposited into your account.

Payment Methods and Clearing Times

When payment is made via credit card, the payment ‘clears’ the bank in 24 business hours. For eCheck, the clearing process can take up to 5 business days.

Deposits to your Bank Account

Depending on the payments plan you chose when turning on the payments feature, or which plan is currently selected in Payments Settings, deposits will be run once per week (Standard Plan) or once every 2 weeks (Starter Plan).

Deposits are initiated on the same day of the week as the date that your OneUp Payments by PayStand feature was activated.

Only payments that have cleared the bank will be included in a particular deposit. (See Payment Methods and Clearing Times, above).


Adding a new bank account

To add a new bank account, please do in settings - payment settings. The new bank will then need to be verified as described at the beginning of the article on the very top "Verifying your bank account".


Rates and Fees

Standard Plan

  • The standard plan is the preferred plan for most accounts, as it includes eCheck transactions and a lower processing rate for credit cards.
  • Standard plan accounts are billed $10 per month for using the OneUp Payments feature. This is separate from the subscription fee billed for your OneUp account.
  • Rates for credit card transactions are set at 2.49%, regardless of card type.
  • Rates for eCheck transactions are set at 0.49%.

Starter Plan

  • The Starter plan is free to try out for 90 days, so you can see the real benefit of online payments.
  • To cover overhead for the free Starter plan, an annual PCI compliance fee must be assessed. This fee ranges from $35-$100 per year depending on your transacting volume.
  • Rates for credit card transactions are set at 3.49%
  • All processing fees are deducted from the gross payment amount before depositing into your account.

Canceling Payment Requests

To cancel your payment request, please re-open the payment request form from the Invoice screen. Click "Show All Payments" and there will be a "Cancel request" button available for each payment request that has already been sent.

Should there be an issue with a payment request cancellation, please contact OneUp support via email at or via the built-in chat.

Refunding Payments

To refund a payment, please contact PayStand support via email at or at (800) 708-6413.


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