Pay a Bill

To pay a single bill, View Unpaid Bills in Purchasing - Bills to open a bill and click "Settled" to mark the bill as paid in full.  


    • If you have multiple bank accounts, select the account the payment should be made from.
    • You can go to the 2nd step of the bill to enter payment details.
    • You can only pay a vendor bill from a bank account that matches the currency of the bill.

With Pay Vendor Bills in Purchasing - Bill Payments - green button - Pay Bill, you can select multiple bills to be paid from one bank account.

Please note: you can only pay a vendor bill from a bank account that matches the bill currency!


Viewing Paid Bills 

With View Vendor Bill Payments in Purchasing - Bill Payments, you can see a list of vendor bill payments made in the past. 

With View Paid Bills in Purchasing - Bills, you see the list of bills you already settled.


Viewing Paid and Unpaid Bills 

Use View Vendor Bill Due Dates to check the paid/unpaid status of all of your bills. This is useful to check if you paid a bill if you are unsure.

Viewing bill payments, please note that an installment is an unpaid settlement. The processed payment would be called a payment.


Delete a Payment

    • Open the bill either by searching for it from the box or by viewing bills in the purchasing menu. Proceed to page 2 of your bill.
    • Mark the payment line, so it's highlighted
    • Click "cancel selected payment" and confirm
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