Features and Changes

  • Includes a new User Settings page that allows easy setting of password and changing of email address.
  • Unifies Notification Settings with User Settings.
  • Updates Android app to improve the experience downloading PDFs and export files.
  • Improves expense template types to set recommended accounting accounts when chosen.
  • The built-in set of accounting journals are now editable.
  • Improves Product and Service Export to include more columns.
  • Improves Expenses Export to include expense type.


  • Fixes an issue preventing Sales Receipt from being exported for some users.
  • Fixes an issue loading the payee on an expense where the payee is not a vendor.
  • Prevents certain tips on the home page to be shown more than once after dismissed.
  • Fixes layout of the manage subscription popup on mobile devices in verbose languages.
  • Fixes the appearance of matched Sales Receipts in bank feeds - 'memo' was not updated on the screen when changed.
  • Fixes PDF reports to allow them to be printed even when containing certain hidden Unicode characters.
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