Features and Changes

  • Adds AI to OCR workflow to process attachments immediately upon upload.


  • Improves detection of large amounts in OCR.
  • Fixes OCR issue when uploading large PDF files.
  • Fixes OCR issue when uploading a file with no text.
  • Fixes navigation bar when processing payment line amounts.
  • Fixes number component blur event action in forms.
  • Fixes a dropdown menu drawn with a reduced height.
  • Blocks the copy / paste popup showing on android when focusing an auto suggest input.
  • Fixes the reset value not working on mobile when hiding the dropdown of an auto suggest input.
  • Updates Google Apps sign-in button to match updated brand guidelines.
  • Fixes search for employee in payee autosuggest sometimes unavailable.
  • Fixes UX issue when selecting specific budget categories on mobile.
  • Fixes bank algorithm performance.
  • Fixes sync with Square that failed when product names were longer than 255 characters.
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