Features and Changes

  • Adds the ability to edit the closing start date of the sales tax period.
  • Updates the animation of the help icon on dashboard screens.
  • Revamps accounting transactions API.
  • Removes developer link from sign-in page.


  • Fixes an issue paying a vendor bill using a credit note when the currency is different from the accounting currency.
  • Fixes a missing currency field in certain screens after setting multi-currency in company settings.
  • Fixes red errors in the invoice wizard.
  • Fixes an issue with default CoA for managed accounts.
  • Fixes a broken scrolling animation on Chrome browser.
  • Fixes an issue with the “Back” button in tax report.
  • Fixes an issue where OCR filling in data clears the amount in expense form.
  • Fixes issue with dates and timezones when closing a tax period.
  • Fixes redirection issue after deleting a document.
  • Fixes subscription receipt generation.
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