Features and Changes

  • New filters: you can now sort and filter by separate things. Such as sort by description, and filter by date.
  • New date range selection: you now select start and end of filter date range with a calendar.
  • Add a column for payment date for Customer payments and Bill payments.
  • Re-order columns in Customer payments and Bill payments to match other lists.


  • Fixes when clicking back in bank feeds after changing the facets selection did not go back to bank list.
  • Fixes issue where no filters were reset when clicking the link "Show all Accounting Entries"
  • when no results were found.
  • Fixes currency filter not properly reset from Accounting Entries screen.
  • Fixes date formatting in General Ledger.
  • Fixes missing "Show all Expenses" link when there is no search results.
  • Fixes a wrong column label and sort label for Vendor Bills. It had shown "Delivery" instead of "Due".
  • Fixes print preview that could overflow the screen at certain resolutions.
  • Fixes switch buttons in wizards to improve experience on a slower connection.
  • Fixes an encoding issue when resuming a session upon login.
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