Features and Changes

  • Updates password policy to improve security.
  • Limits allowed attachments file-types.
  • Automatically creates common vendors during the OCR process.
  • Improves tax report performance


  • Fixes group taxes not included in the tax report.
  • Fixes a sporadic issue during partner sign-in process.
  • Fixes missing bank entries while syncing with FI provider.
  • Fixes issue while generating PDF from a report containing special characters.
  • Fixes missing translations in the tax report header for UK.
  • Fixes concurrency issue in wizard tables.
  • Fixes an issue creating accounting accounts for leads.
  • Fixes account range filter that doesn't refresh properly in accounting reports.
  • Fixes unpaid invoice canceled via credit memo still showing outstanding amount.
  • Fixes an issue with some old exports.
  • Fixes tax group creation for US accounts.
  • Fixes issue preventing the opening of product editor for some accounts.
  • Fixes issue where the product description disappeared in the invoice wizard.
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