Features and Changes

  • Revamps accounting transactions export to add support for more formats.


  • Improves the efficiency of updating an expense.
  • Fixes an error preventing creating expenses on some US accounts.
  • Improves payee autosuggest in Expense/Receipt form
  • Fixes “invalid accounting date” errors appearing during valid accounting period.
  • Fixes an error during drilldown in accounting dashboard.
  • Fixes date filtering not working in accounting transactions search screen.
  • Fixes import exceptions of QIF files.
  • Fixes incorrect first-run text in the Leads search screen.
  • Fixes scroll position error in mobile popovers.
  • Fixes mismatched amounts error caused by sales tax auto suggest.
  • Fixes client reference not appearing in the Invoice automatically.
  • Fixes an issue preventing to upload attachments on mobile devices.
  • Fixes an issue on Android where the date field was still selected after setting a date.
  • Fixes mass/bulk actions not working on search screens.
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