Features and Changes

  • Improves the most common vendor name list.


  • Fixes an error when creating a new budget category on mobile.
  • Fixes attachment error due to wrong file extension.
  • Fixes VAT label displayed even if VAT is disabled.
  • Fixes to invoice API.
  • Fixes payee suggest quick-creation.
  • Fixes line breaks not preserved in text-areas.
  • Fixes a dependency issue preventing adding bank accounts via Linxo.
  • Fixes an issue with payee auto-suggest.
  • Fixes a field issue with expense form auto filled with OCR data.
  • Fixes a missing title when opening forms.
  • Fixes expense details panel not hidden when empty.
  • Fixes issue with discount dispatched onto multiple lines in forms.
  • Fixes updating delivery note from invoice leads to an error when discount does not match.
  • Fixes a blocking issue during the expense OCR process.
  • Fixes some issues in bank transfer form.
  • Fixes password verification issue during account deletion.
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