Features and Changes

  • Adds CEGID format to accounting transactions export.
  • Adds LOOP format to accounting transactions export.
  • Adds PDF preview.
  • Adds queued file upload in the attachment search screen.
  • Adds attachment thumbnails in search screens for faster previews.
  • Adds the generated date in PDF footer.
  • Adds tip detection during OCR analysis.
  • Adds a limit to the number of recipients when sending an invoice.
  • Adds a restriction to adding HTML code in the invoice email message.
  • Improves manual match process performance.


  • Fixes missing prorata for vendor bill payments.
  • Fixes search filter preferences not being cleared properly.
  • Fixes incorrect budget category detected during OCR process.
  • Updates the date filter to follow the sorting when enabling it.
  • Adds a missing document code column in main accounting entries export.
  • Fixes issue with previewing PDF in an unsaved forms.
  • Fixes an issue causing a blank page on login when your last viewed page was a drill down dashboard page.
  • Removes access to notification panel for documents that are not accessible by the user.
  • Fixes OFX file parsing issue.
  • Fixes unneeded unmatch when changing payee of reconciled sales receipt.
  • Adds attachment thumbnails for PDF in search screens.
  • Adds mass-deletion to accounting entry search screen.
  • Fixes missing journal and status filters when exporting accounting entries.
  • Fixes an issue preventing creating an invoice in zh-cn (China) accounts.
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