Features and Changes

  • Adds HMRC MTD (Making Tax Digital) for VAT filing on UK accounts.
  • Adds attachments feature to Bank Transfers.
  • Improves PDF and Excel reports headers.
  • Removes non-locked entries from FEC reports.
  • Allows sending of account archive after closing a fiscal year.
  • Improvement to forecast computation.
  • Improvement to bank activity categorisation.


  • Fixes wrong inventory account included exporting product list.
  • Fixes an issue encountered sometimes when adding a Paypal bank account.
  • Fixes bank entry card layout when the label is too long and without spaces.
  • Filters out third-party bank account from the visible list of bank accounts in bank activity.
  • Fixes issue preventing to export reports with multiple periods.
  • Fixes an issue where deleting payment lines would reset information in the first line.
  • Fixes an issue with the popover shown when logging into a Wix account outside the Wix portal.
  • Fixes an issue when loading attachment related to accounting entries.
  • Fixes Safari issue causing the bottom of full-screen pages to be hidden.
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