Last fall, we made a release that brought many changes to our ever‑popular Bank Activity feature. Since then we've gotten a lot of great feedback, and today we're happy to announce an update that brings many improvements coming from your remarks!


Tabs and progress indicator: “To Review”, “To Categorise” and “Reviewed”

Transactions are separated into tabs depending on their reviewed status. A progress bar shows how far along you are with your review process.

  • "To Review": new transactions that have been matched or categorised but waiting for you to check
  • “To Categorise”: new transactions that did not get matched or categorised
  • “Reviewed”: transactions you have already reviewed in the past


“Review all” and “Clear all” buttons

Use these new buttons to affect all the transactions listed below. This is really handy for mass-reviewing transactions. Try using it in combination with the Search! If you’re not ready to “review all”, you can mark them individually. (see the next section!)


In-line “Review” and “Clear” buttons on each transaction

Now you can take control over marking any single individual transaction as reviewed. Or clear out all the details of the transaction if you want to start over.


Lightning bolt

Transactions that are automatically categorised or matched are shown with a lightning bolt: When you see this, it means you should pay close attention to the details before marking it as reviewed.

This quickly identifies transactions that have been automatically categorised and reconciled by artificial intelligence without any manual intervention on your part.

  • Transactions that have been categorised automatically:For example, a Shell expense automatically categorised as "Vehicle Maintenance"
  • Automatic transactions:For example: sales invoices or expenses created elsewhere in the app automatically reconciled thanks to some criteria such as the date and amount including tax.

If the category is changed manually, the lightning bolt disappears. Artificial intelligence take into account your decisions for similar transactions next time.


Set VAT rate in-line

Now you can choose to update or clear the VAT rate without needing to open the side drawer.


Month view

Your transactions are now organised per month. This allows you to focus month by month, rather than an overwhelming, infinite list of transactions.

Notifications are also split into months so you can work on smaller sets of transactions.


Moved Retry Match

Since retrying match affects uncategorised transactions, that button has moved into the header of the “To Categorise” tab.


Search mode magnifying glass

The search bar is used to type a label or an amount to find similar transactions.

Check if your transactions are of the same category and make changes if necessary.


Up Next

We have more projects in progress to enhance bank activity! Specifically, to automate the process to expenses with receipts, and automatically refreshing similar transactions when you update a categorisation. Stay tuned!



We do hope you find these changes helpful in updating and reviewing your transactions. Questions or concerns? Don't hesitate to reach out to our team by contacting We would love to hear your feedback.


- The OneUp Team

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