Why do my expenses show as unpaid?

As long as you leave the bank field on “deferred debit” your expense will show as an unpaid accounts payable balance.

As soon as you select a bank in this field and set up the payment date, your expense will show as paid.

How do I apply different expense types to one payment?

If you have more than one expense type to add to one expense payment, please use the multi line tab.

In the multi line tab, you will be able to add as many accounts as you wish from your chart of accounts to register different expense types or use the “item” type to select products into your expenses. Please note that products used in expenses won’t generate any inventory entries, but cost of goods sold in your P&L.

Can I print an expense list?

You can export your expenses in Purchasing - Expenses - [︙] button - Export Expenses to see all lines and according information.

How do I register the VAT payment to the tax authority?

We recommend to use a multi line expense to register VAT payments. In the header you select your tax authority as your vendor and then use the tab “multi line” tab.

Add your liability accounts for the VAT payables as a positive amount and your deductable balance account as a negative amount. The total expense will then show, what you actually pay.



You have a liability of VAT payable in account X: 500

You have a deductible VAT balance on your account Y for: 350


You add your account X into the expense and set up 500 as the amount

You add your account Y into the expense and set up -350 as the amount

You total expense will show 150 to be paid to your tax authority

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