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Can I use OneUp with Google Apps?

Yes you can!  To add OneUp to your Google Apps account, please visit

Get your Google linked OneUp account

How do I get support for the old application?

All old SAAS accounts were migrated to the new application, so there is no longer any support for old accounts.

What countries does OneUp support?

Currently we have a version of OneUp for the United States, France, United Kingdom, and China.  You are free to use OneUp in other countries, but because of regional variations, it may or not work correctly according to local business laws.

My account is in the wrong language.  How do I change it?

We currently offer OneUp in English, French and Chinese. The language is set to the primary language of the account. US accounts are in US English, UK accounts are in UK English, French accounts in French and for China in Chineses. Should you select any other country, you will most probably get the UK version that is used internationally and so, your basic language will be set to English (UK).

You can change your language settings by clicking on your user icon and then navigating to "Preferences" on the top right.



Can I customize printing templates?

Template customization

In company settings in the field "document templates", we offer the creation of global templates that are valid for all customizable documents. But you are free to create your templates for each type of sales document and the purchase order.

Should you need to customize one document only, this is then done in the according preview of the corresponding document.

In the user manual "Customize Sales Documents and Purchase Order" we explain how to customize your invoice. Other documents can be customized the same way!

Company Name and Logo

Company information such as Company Name, Address and Logo, VAT number and such are updated in Company Settings.

Printing Language

You can also and choose the language in which your documents are printed within Company Settings.

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