Code Customization and Auto Numbering

Auto Numbering

 Each time you create documents with OneUp, a code is automatically generated for the document.



By default, each type of document has it's own naming convention, and the documents start at #1. So, for example your first invoice is called CINV-001 (Customer Invoice #1)

Code Customization 

With Code Customization, you are able to alter the naming convention and the starting number.  Code customization is available in Company Settings - Auto Numbering.




Select a document type from the box; as soon it is selected, the second box shows what the "last" document was called. Please note the number can only be edited if no documents have yet been created under that convention.

So for example if you select "Invoice", and the box shows CINV-000, that means the next customer invoice would be numbered CINV-001. If no invoices have yet been created, you can change this to INVOICE#100, so the next one would be called INVOICE#101 accordingly.

The prefix cannot end in a number, so if you type in such a prefix, the numbers at the end of the prefix will be removed. 


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