Code Customization and Auto Numbering

Auto Numbering

 Each time you create documents with OneUp, a code is automatically generated for the document.



By default, each type of document has it's own naming convention, and the documents start at #1. So, for example your first invoice is called CINV-001 (Customer Invoice #1)

Code Customization 

With Code Customization, you are able to alter the naming convention and the starting number.  Code customization is available in Company Settings - Auto Numbering.




Select a document type from the box, As soon as selected, the second box shows what the "last" document was called-- and you are allowed to edit it.


On a new account, when you select "Invoice", the box will show CINV-000, that means the next customer invoice will be numbered CINV-001.


If you changed this to INVOICE#100, then the next one would be called INVOICE#101


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