Sales with Inventory


Quotes are proposals for your Leads or Customers.

  • set an expiration date, so you have control over your quotes and can also plan the necessary follow up 
  • customization: your logo, necessary company information, tax ID or even a document template will be taken over from company settings
If your customer or lead decides to buy:
  • convert the quote into a sales order (and follow the rest of the sales process) or
  • convert the quote directly into an invoice
Note: doing either one, a lead will automatically become a customer.

Sales Orders

Sales Orders are an approval step when your Leads or Customers commit to a sale.  The sales order normally confirms the sales agreements, so all information that is later on also to be found in delivery notes or invoices will already be set up here (like currency, delivery date, payment terms, discounts, taxes and document notes).

Picking Lists and Delivery Notes

To prepare the order, use Convert Sales Order to Picking List (select your sales order, click "prepare order" and DONE)


 Convert Sales Order to Delivery Note (select your sales order, click "convert to delivery note" and DONE).

 The details of these documents are covered in the article Deliver Products. 


The invoice is the financial document used in selling to your customers. Accounting transactions are automatically generated when invoicing.

Receiving Payment

You can receive payment from directly inside the invoice, or you can use Receive Customer Payment.



Converting documents - full process

Convert Opportunity to Quote

Open your opportunity - set the status to "won" and let OneUp automatically create a Quote for you.


Convert Quote to Sales Order

In Sales - Quotes - [︙] button - Convert Quotes to Sales Orders


or the fast and easy way: simply click "order":



Convert Sales Order to Picking List

In Sales - More - Sales Orders - [︙] button - Convert Sales Order to Picking Lists



Convert Picking List to Delivery Note

In Inventory - More - Picking Lists - [︙] button - Convert Picking Lists to Delivery Notes



If you do not work with Picking Lists: Convert Sales Order to Delivery Note

In Sales - Sales Orders - [︙] button - Convert Sales Order to Delivery Notes


or simply convert by using [︙] button - DELIVER



Convert Delivery Note to Invoice

In Inventory - Delivery Notes - [︙] button - Convert Delivery Notes to Invoices

or simply invoice in a click







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