Customize Sales Documents and Purchase Orders

Please note:

  • Customization is available for ALL plans
  • ONLY account administrators have access to customization features
  • This article refers to invoice customization only, but all other sales documents, including purchase orders, follow the same rules
  • Customization is not available in the mobile app
  • Customization is available for default printing templates, user-specific printing templates and single documents.


Document Templates

You can edit the default document template, or set up different document templates that can then be selected to print sales documents and purchase orders, in Company Settings.

To create a template, go to Home_settings_button.png - Company settings - Document Templates and click "edit " to open the wizard.



In the template wizard you will see one main template that is used as a default printing template for all documents within OneUp. This is the one that will be applied by default to all documents you create.

Edit this template in order to adjust default settings. In the "Edit" mode of your main template, you will be able to adjust the default look for each document type. From then on every time you create a new document either from scratch or by conversion, the main template will automatically be applied as default, but you will be able to select another template.

Should you wish to adjust the default template for all documents, click "Edit" and select the first document type to be adjusted.


Tip: First decide on the general look of your documents in order to apply the "Global Settings" type.



In the customize mode for your new global document settings, the template can be modified for the following global settings, that will then be valid for all documents as a general look. 

  • Global Appearance Settings:
    • Color your document
    • Select a different font
    • Change the font size
    • Select a different font color
    • Place your logo either left side of your company information or above
    • Show or hide the company name that is set up in the company settings

  • Global Header Settings:
    • Show / hide payment terms
    • Show / hide the name of the linked project
    • Show / hide the customer number
    • Show / hide the customer phone number
    • Modify the label "shipping address" and show / hide the shipping address
    • Switch the placement of your billing and your shipping address
    • Modify the label "billing address" 
    • Modify the label "Taxpayer ID" (customer related) and show / hide the customer tax ID

  • Global Bottom Settings:
    • Show / hide your bank and payment information
    • Set up your bank information and the payment method
    • Set up a footer for all of your documents



Repeat the customization for each type of document that is listed in the selection list and so, prepare the default printing look for all of your document types.



Customization fields for headers, tables and footers will change for each template.


Document Specific template: Invoice customization as an example

After you generated the global default look for all of your documents, you can create a new template for specific documents -  like prepayment invoices for example. Special invoice templates can be used to generate prepayment invoices or any other special invoice document.

In Home_settings_button.png - Company Settings, select "Edit templates" and click "New Template".

Name the template and add a description. This example shows a new invoice template used for prepayment invoices:


Click "Add and Customize Template" to enter the customization wizard. Select the document type (an Invoice in this case):


If you customize this invoice template, you will have all invoices that are linked to this template look the same way.

  • Global Invoice Header Settings:

    • Modify the "Invoice" label (In this example, we have renamed the document "Prepayment Invoice")

  • Global Invoice Table Settings:
    • Modify the table header "Item name and description"
    • Modify the table header "Qty" and show / hide the quantity
    • Modify the table header "Unit Price" and show / hide the unit price
    • Show / hide the measurement units
    • Show / hide the product number

  •  Global Bottom Settings:
    • Show / hide instalment information
    • Set up a general invoice note

After customizing don't forget to save your template!



Select a different template from within a document

You can select another template than the default document type in any customizable document. Create a new document and enter the preview by clicking the DONE button, or open an existing document and click on the printer icon on the bottom left side.

In the preview, you will see a list of possible printing templates:



Customize single documents

The preview will also enable you to customize only the document you are currently working on.


If you click on "Customize this document" customization will apply only to the current document. In the example below, only invoice 3604 will be customized. Default settings or selected template settings will apply to all other invoices.


Customization of locked invoices

Finalized or paid invoices can no longer be customized, as this locks said document. You would have to make such modifications while it is a draft or unpaid.







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