Using Projects

Information in OneUp is organized by customer, lead or vendor. For more detailed organization, assign a Project to tasks, expenses and invoices among other features.

Selecting a project from your list will enable you to view profitability linked to relevant accounting entries. Projects give you the opportunity to group documents and activities and then check activities and profitability in the 360° project view.

Example: you are organizing an event (Event X). OneUp enables you to:

  • Link all quotes, invoices and other sales document to Event X in the advanced section of each document,
  • Link all purchase documents
  • Link expenses and sales receipts
  • Link opportunity tasks and calls
  • Link project tasks

You can then select “Event X” from your project list in order to see all related activities. On top left side you can also see income generated versus costs. The profitability of Event X is calculated as you work.


Registering Time

Use Project Tasks to register time for a given activity. Link the task to a customer and to a project if needed. As long as your task stays open, it will show as a “to do” and with a due date in the task list. You can also set up used time and according description details on what it was used for in the task note.

If you click on “done” in your task, you are asked to register the total time used. When you click DONE, your task will be set to “Done” and be attributed a closed date.


Billing Time for a Service

If you need to bill time for a project task, specify the service that was set up for billing time. Go to Bill Time, select your customer and the task to bill and click DONE. An invoice for this customer will then be created. You can add more lines into this invoice.



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