Vendor Credit Memos

Your vendor might have sent you a credit memo to lower the purchase price or you might need to add some other kind of credit to open bills or get a back payment from your vendor side

A vendor credit is mainly used to adjust your balance with your vendor. You are free to either enter product lines or expenses into a vendor credit.

A New Vendor Credit Memo can be created in Purchasing - More - Vendor Credit Memos - New Vendor Credit Memo

If you received a payment from your vendor for the credit, please proceed to page 2 to apply your bank and adjust the payment date.


Important Note: 

A vendor credit memo will not generate any inventory movements. Should you need to send back any products, please use the manual Inventory Withdrawal to register returned goods.



Why can’t I apply my vendor credit to a bill?

Please make sure that you selected payment terms in the vendor credit you created. Only vendor credits that have payment terms setup, can be selected, in the list, when you click on “use a credit note” in page 2 of your bill.


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