First step :

Quickbooks user:

  • go to your item list
  • click on the button « excel » then choose « Export All items.. »
  • Choose the « csv » value and then click on « Export »


Second Step :

Importing the items in ONE UP

Importing QuickBooks Items is done through the Sales Workflow 

  • In the Navigation Menu, select Sales - products - import items from Quickbooks

ONE UP will only import the following Quickbooks item types : 

QB Item Type

     ONE UP Match

     ONE UP Item type


     Product & Service


Non-inventory Part

     Product & Service

     Purchase/Sale or RM (with option 'Do not Manage Inventories')

Inventory Part

     Product & Service

     Purchase/Sale or RM (with option 'Manage Inventories')

Inventory Assembly

     Product & Service


Sales Tax Group

     Sales Tax

     Group Tax

Sales Tax Item

     Sales Tax

     Individual Tax


To import in ONE UP, please select the file your created from Quickbooks export and fill in the file separator field.

Click on the 'Import' button and your import starts

When the import is done, a message will appear if everything went well, or you get a list of what went wrong. But you can still validate the import by clicking on the button 'DONE'.


The file template to check the format:


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