User Settings

If you click into the small picture on the right side of the search bar, you'll find the user settings.



Here's the place to set up your personal specifications:

  • upload an account picture (eventually your picture?)
  • set the date format
  • select the language you wish to use within the app (English, French or Chinese so far)
  • set the value separator for your export files (csv format)
  • select the type your export files export to csv or Excel)
  • select the number format how you wish to see dahsboard numbers
  • change your password.


Please note:

These settings will be valid for the logged in user. The settings can be changed for each user.

The date format setting will not affect the printed documents. These date settings depend on printing language that is set up in company settings.


Notification settings



In here you can set up the notifications that you wish to receive into your mail account. The mail account that is used to log into ONE UP will be the destination email address for the notifications sent through ONE UP.

If you are using Gmail, you can taken action from the notification directly from your inbox!



Clicking on "help" will lead you to our user guide and support.


Log out

If you need to log out properly, please use the log out here!




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