A lead is a potential customer you are establishing a business Opportunity with. Leads can be "Individuals" or "Companies".

  • If your lead is a "Company", you may want to specify contacts for the lead.
  • In the "Advanced" section of your lead, you can specify default sales tax, payment terms, and price group which will be used if you want to send a Quote or even after when your lead will be converted to a customer.

As soon as you create a New Sales Order or a New Invoice (also from conversion of a Quote) for your lead, the lead is automatically transformed into a customer.


Lead Contacts

When you create opportunities for your leads, you can specify the contact that particular opportunity pertains to.


Click the "New Contact" button inside the Lead to add for the selected contact. Click "Details" to fully register all contact related information:


Please note that you can manually set the staus "Lead" or Customer" on top of the creation wizard:




How can I change the lead into a customer?

Leads are automatically transformed into customers as soon as you create any kind of sales document and select a lead as the customer to bill.

For example: you created a quote to a lead and converted the quote into a sales order or invoice.

You can also manually change the status of course. Select your lead in opportunities - leads and click the pencil to edit, then on top right side change the status from “lead” to “customer” and validate with DONE.





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