Use Opportunities to track potential sales to a lead or customer.  Add products and services, and set yourself a closing date as the last date you will track this potential sale or hope to close the deal. 

The Stage of an Opportunity let's you know in which tracking phase each opportunity is and so, makes it easier for you to follow up and see trends for upcoming tasks.

Please note: To create a new Stage, please click into the field and start to type in the new Stage description, then confirm by clicking "create XXX"


The Status of the Opportunity is used to categorize your opportunities.

Status can be:

  • open (probably now follow up happened yet)
  • pending (you are in the process of follow up)
  • won (lead or customer is interested and either buys or lets you offer)
  • lost (the very unfortunate status ...)

Stage and Status will help you follow up on opportunities. Filter your opportunities in the list Opportunities.


  • Opportunities that have been "Won" can be automatically converted into quotes.  To do so, click "Yes" next to "Convert to Quote" on a "Won" opportunity.

  • After you have your quote, open it from Quotes and use it to generate a PDF for your contact or email it directly.
  • Use the Sales guide to continue your sales process.
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