Import Leads

Importing a file is a fast way to get your Leads into ONE UP. 

  • Your file should be formatted as a table and must include a header that defines the fields. 
  • Import files must be in csv format (comma delimited)
  • Some headers are required: Company Name if you import a Company, Last Name if you import individuals.


Spreadsheet programs like Google™ Docs Spreadsheet and Microsoft Excel make it easy to create and edit CSV files. Use the attached .CSV file for all of the columns you can import.

Import your Leads in Opportunities - Leads - green button - Import Leads: Import Leads and Lead Contacts


After your Leads are imported, you can view them with View Leads and View Lead Contacts.


The attached template shows an example of how to import Leads, their Contacts and also an individual Lead that is no company.


Please note that the import file also contains some useful information at the bottom. Before importing your records, please remove the whole all lines after your last lead data to get rid of this information block.

If the lines are not removed before import, OneUp will produce an error message and won't let you import your file.



Why do I get an error when importing my leads?

Importing leads need to follow some rules, so OneUp can read the according information. Your file should be formatted as a table and must include a header that defines the fields.

Please make sure you used the template we provided in the user guide. Any changes in header titles or missing information in the MUST fields, would lead to an error.

Please also make sure, your file is in csv format (comma delimited).


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