Use the Tasks feature to manage time and effort you or other employees of your organization spend on customer opportunities.

Most information in ONE UP is organized by customer, lead or vendor.  


Select an opportunity when creating a task. That way, you will keep all necessary information about this opportunity, the follow ups, the creation steps and the time line. 

  • The action New Opportunity Task is used to create tasks and assign them to yourself or another employee. Use the "Assigned To" field to set the employee the task is assigned to.
  • View Opportunity Tasks allows you to see tasks for every user, by default sorted by due date. Use the search box inside View Tasks to narrow by customer or filter directly by employee. When a task is complete, open it and set it to Done.

  • Please note: time spent in opportunity tasks is not billable. Billable are the project tasks only



What is an opportunity task?

An opportunity task is a feature that allows you to track activities around leads (potential customers) and opportunities (potential sales).

For any type of activity or “to do” you would register a task to save all relevant information about what happened in terms of follow up or actions.

An example would be: you want to send documentation about a project to your lead. You would create a task, link it to your lead and an eventual opportunity and set yourself a due date.

Once you sent the documentation, close your task by clicking DONE and set up the date you finished the task.

This activity will be visible in your 360° view of the lead, so, you can track what you did to achieve success getting the lead to buy.


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