When adding ONE UP to your Google Apps account, a fresh ONE UP account is created on our servers, with a single user: the individual that installed ONE UP. 


Use ONE UP with your coworkers

Get the most out of ONE UP by sharing your account with your coworkers.


Please note:

You have to be admin of the google apps domain to be able to open the "add a google apps user" panel! Your email address must be the google domain admin address as well as the ONE UP admin address!


Manage Users makes this really simple. Just click the "Add User" button and select the users you want to add. User accounts in ONE UP will be created for the users you selected, as well as corresponding "Employees".

By Default:

  • The new user will be made "Active"
  • The 'Administrator" status of the user will follow their setting in Google Apps
  • Non-admins will be given "Full Access" user role (not including the settings menu)

You can override these default settings by clicking each user in the list, making changes in the panel below, and clicking "Save".


Use ONE UP with people outside your organization

You can also give access to ONE UP to someone who is not in your Google Apps account. Just click the "Add User" button, then click "Add a non-Google Apps user..."



Then enter the user's details directly in the Manage Users panel, and click Save:



The user is created with the selected settings, as well as a corresponding "Employee".


A note about the number of users allowed:

Depending on your current plan, you might be restricted on the total of users that can be active in your account:

ONE UP UNLIMITED: unlimited users

ONE UP TEAM: 7 users

ONE UP PLUS: 3 users

ONE UP PRO: 2 users

ONE UP SELF: 1 user

During your free trial, an unlimited number of users is allowed to be added.


Please also note that user role management is only available with ONE UP PRO accounts and higher.


Removing access for a user

To suspend a user temporarily, simply click the user and set their "Active" status to "No" and click "Save". They will not be allowed to login, and they won't count against your total active users.

To remove them completely, simply click the user in the list and click "Delete User" button below.

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