Your CPA Portal

How can you obtain a OneUp portal?

Sign up for your CPA portal on

After entering your email, you will receive a message inviting you to complete the creation of your portal.

IMPORTANT:In order to receive your confidential security code by text message you must provide a cell phone number and not a landline.

How To Log Into Your OneUp CPA Portal

Simply click on this link

Personnalise Your OneUp Portal

Upload the logo that is to appear on your OneUp client accounts. Your clients will therefore see your logo and to the bottom on the left “powered by OneUp”.

Invite your collaborators

Your collaborator will receive an email inviting them to create a password and access their account.

Create A New OneUp Client Account

OneUp enables you to tailor individual accounts to each client. You can select the features that correspond to their activity and chart of accounts and invite the company manage and their collaborators.

The following questions will come up as you create your client accounts:


Settings allow you to tailor each account to the client:

  • Tax and VAT settings
  • User management
  • Employees
  • VAT rates

As Admin you are only person with access to the settings.

Don't forget about these questions:


Or… Let Your Client Create Their Own Account

Provide clients with the link that appears in your portal in order to enable them to create their own account. You can either send it by email or put the link on your website.

Important: In this case, you will not be the only admin for the account in question. Your client will also have access to account settings.  

Vous pouvez donc toujours personnaliser chaque compte OneUp pour chacun de vos clients.

Administering Client Accounts

You can access all client accounts from the “Clients” view and open a session in one click.

This view allows you to instantly see which clients need immediate attention (Clients running into bank issues for example).

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