Getting Started with Expenses

OneUp allows your clients to easily digitalize and share their receipts with you using the OneUp Expenses feature and their smartphone camera.

Option 1: Using the OneUp Expenses Feature to File Receipts

Ask your client to follow these 5 steps:

  1. Log into OneUp and create or open an Expense
  2. Tap "Touch here to attach files" at the bottom of the page
  3. Select "Camera"
  4. Take a picture of the receipt
  5. Click on "Done"



Option 2 : Filing Receipts using Google Drive and the Expenses Feature

To begin, create one file per client in your firm's Google Apps account and share the file with your client.

Then, if they have not already done so, ask your client to install Google Drive on their mobile device and click on the Google Drive icon on their homescreen. They must then select the file with their name on it. 

Then ask your client to follow these three steps:

  • On the bottom right hand side, click on
  • Click Scan
  • Take a picture of the receipt to be filed


The photo of the receipt will appear simultaneously in your Google Drive and in your client's.

  •  How to link the receipt to an Expense in OneUp

It's a good idea to take the time to link filed receipts to related expenses at the end of each month.

Log into OneUp, open or create an expense and click "Touch here to attach files". Select "Google Drive" and chose the requisite file.


Then select the receipt you wish to link to the expense.

Click "Done".


Tips and Advice

Expenses with an attachment have this icon:

  • Sending reminders to your clients:

- Add a memo requesting the receipt:

 - Send a list of Expenses that need attention per working period:

- Put "Please add receipt" into the search bar in order to bring up Expenses containing this memo, copy the URL and send it to your client.

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