Applying Sales Price Lists to Different Customer Groups


Setting up different prices for wholesale and retail

Group your customers into different price families and create price lists for those price families in Sales - Settings_button.png- Sales Price Lists - New Sales Price List . Open the advanced section and select the price family for which you set up the prices. Add your products and modify the sales price according to your needs.

If you then create a sales document for a customer within that price list, the correct price will be pulled into the sales lines.


Select or create a price family for your customer


Create a sales price list for your customers in price family X



Why is my price for the pack unit wrong, even if it shows correctly in the price list?

You need to set up the prices for the units and not the pack unit. So, if you have a pack unit 1 pack = 20 units, you will need to register your price list like this:

Price levels:

0 - 20 = 20.00 (1 pack unit)

21 - 60 = 19.00 (2 to 3 pack units)

61 - 100 = 15.00 (4 to 5 pack units)



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