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Is there a limit for products handled in OneUp?

10,000 products is the recommended limit. OneUp does not limit the amount of products you can handle, but performance for a quantity of single products maintained will decrease significantly over 10,000 items. 


How many products can I import?

We recommend a limit of 500 products at a time. The first time please import just a few products as a test. 


Is there a limit in size for a file attachments and what formats are allowed?

There is no limit per account at this point but we ask users to respect a fair usage policy. Users uploading several GB of attachments at a time will be limited. 

Attachment size should not exceed 10mb per file. Formats allowed are: PDF, XLS, DOC, images …


 How can I mass delete products or customers?

At the top left of your product, service, lead, customer or vendor list, click the check mark left side of the name to mark the first 50 items of your list. Then click the red “delete” button on top right side.

Repeat the process for the next 50 entries as many times as needed.


 Why do I get a messy file when I export data from OneUp?

If you export to csv, you might want to change the value separator to “comma” under Preferences in the user settings in the profile picture on top right side.

Should you prefer to directly get Excel files from export, please select the according option in the field “export as”.


 Can I attach a document to an email that I am sending from within the app?

You can send attachments when you email a document from within the application but only if they are already can attached to said document. It is not possible to attach documents to the email from outside the app, like from your PC.



Where do I find the mobile app?

For the IOS please see the following link:

If you use android instead, please see:

Also please note you can access OneUp with high responsiveness via your browser on any mobile device. Launch your browser and log in through or the login button on our homepage.


 How can I link my webstore to OneUp?

We are working on API that will allow to link your web sales and customers into OneUp. At this point, we do not yet provide any integration with eCommerce or websites.


 Can I batch print documents?

OneUp does not offer batch printing. We hope to help protect the environment by keeping our process paper-free.


Can I restore a deleted document or task?

OneUp does not offer an “undo” feature. If you have accidentally deleted a document or activity you will need to recreate it.


 Can I print checks?

OneUp does not offer a check printing feature.


 Can I use a barcode scanner?

OneUp does not offer any barcode features yet.


 Where do I add a second or third company?

OneUp does not offer a multi-company feature. You need to sign up for one account per company. If you need to consolidate several companies from different accounts, we recommend exporting the financial reports and merging the Excel files.


How do I reset my account?

Only free trials offer a reset option: please see under Settings - Company Settings - Account Maintenance.

If you are on a paid plan, to start over please delete your account in Settings - Company Settings (scroll down to the bottom) and sign up for a new one.





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