Features and Changes

  • Adds enhancements to reviewing Bank Activity: new tabs and behaviour.
  • Adds an icon to show attachments in Bank Activity.
  • Adds month and year selection to the month selector in Bank Activity.


  • Adds invoice late payments penalties disclaimer.
  • Adds "Claim Penalties" to the Customer Payments screen.
  • Fixes invoice accounting that should not be updated on canceled invoices.
  • Fixes a blank window seen when modifing a bank entry in Bank Activity.
  • Fixes reconciled invoice payments that transformed into sales receipts after validation.
  • Fixes insufficient stock notice that did not show on all sales orders.
  • Fixes an issue causing certain third-party bank accounts to not be displayed in Bank Activity.
  • Fixes an issue causing “Deselect all” link to be shown twice while a selection was in progress.
  • Fixes a problem with export for list of products and services.
  • Fixes an issue detecting date format when importing bank statements.
  • Fixes an issue causing browser "Back" button to not work in Bank Activity.
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