Features and Changes

  • Improves interface for attachment selection.
  • Adds ability to search Invoices by PO number.
  • Adds optional address field on individual customers.
  • Adds similar bank entry detection for faster re-categorisation.
  • When creating invoices, adds a step to ask for mandatory company information such as address and tax ID.
  • When creating invoices, adds a step to ask for mandatory customer information.


  • Fixes an issue encountered when cancelling a bank entry multi-matched to several documents.
  • Fixes postal code not showing in the address field for Singapore and Vatican addresses
  • Fixes a rounding issue on the Total when validating an expense created from an uploaded receipt.
  • Fixes an issue where opening the customer form in a modal changed the title of the page.
  • Fixes an error preventing the creation of a customer from Bank Activity drawer.
  • Fixes an issue preventing to set the date range in the Customer Statement.
  • Fixes an issue saving user preferences such as default sorting and filtering.
  • Fixes view mode search not updating when switching document type.
  • Fixes an issue where city and zip code fields were not shown for city-states.
  • Fixes an issue preventing to export full archive for large accounts.
  • Fixes an issue where last sync date was not updated if there were no new transactions.
  • Fixes an issue while reconciliating invoices in Bank Activity.
  • Fixes issue preventing the display of Bank Activity for certain accounts.
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