Draft invoicing

The draft invoice feature allows you to distinguish invoices that are still editable (draft ones) from actual ones (the finalized ones). As long as you need to edit an invoice, it means it's a draft one and not a final one that has been sent to the customer.


When this feature is enabled, upon creating a new invoice and saving, you are asked if you are ready to finalize it, or to keep it in a draft status:


Draft invoices:

  • Are shown in their own tab in the invoice list
  • Are editable and deletable
  • Have their own numbering sequence (DINV-xxx vs INV-xxx)
  • Show a stamp DRAFT when generating the document
  • Do not generate any accounting


Once a draft invoice is finalized, it is assigned a traditional invoice number that falls into sequence. For example, if the most recent finalized invoice was INV-123, when you finalize DINV-003 above, it will be given the next appropriate number, which would be INV-124.

Also, once it’s finalized, its accounting will be generated, and the invoice can no longer be edited or deleted. A finalized invoice can still be canceled with a Credit Memo.

Invoice accounting

As noted above, no accounting is written while an invoice is in draft status. The accounting is only generated once the invoice is finalized.

While the billing date entered on an invoice is still used as the primary accounting date of the invoice, the date that you finalized the invoice is also stored in the accounting. This date is visible as “Date Validation” in the Accounting search screen and when printing and exporting the General Ledger report.

Restrictions on customization (French Accounts)

The label of printable documents will no longer be customizable. Any customizations to the label made in the past will remain but no further changes can be made unless contacting the support.

The columns unit price and quantity can no longer be hidden in invoice lines. If you had hidden these in the past, they will now be shown again in your printed documents.

Disable Draft Invoice Feature

If draft invoices are not required for your country, you may disable this feature within Company Settings under Document Settings.


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