Features and Changes

  • Adds OCR to attach uploaded receipts to expenses automatically.
  • Adds the ability to edit the document code prefix in Company Settings.
  • Applies certification restrictions to fiscal year management.
  • Adds the Sent date in the printed invoice and bill if the document has been finalized.
  • Adds Kosovo in the list of supported countries in addresses.
  • Adds support for Slovenian language in printed documents.


  • Fixes period shown in accounting reports can be displayed shifted backwards one day.
  • Fixes issue causing the walkthrough tour to crash in bank activity.
  • Fixes RCS and Code SIRET not required during the first invoice on-boarding for French accounts.
  • Prevents hiding mandatory fields for invoices in France in the document customization.
  • Fixes issue preventing the correct display in Cash Flow Forecast card for money out documents.
  • Fixes showing and saving VAT/tax settings if no invoice is created after invoice on-boarding.
  • Fixes "view details" action missing in Cash Flow Forecast dropdown.
  • Fixes email address used when exporting fiscal year export.
  • Fixes issue where VAT/tax number was cleared out for some partner accounts.
  • Fixes a date range preferences re-used during a search in Bank Activity.
  • Fixes missing translations for “more forecast lines” label.
  • Fixes an issue preventing to export general ledger.
  • Fixes an issue preventing to display invoices in Cash Flow Forecast.
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