Features and Changes

  • Improves financial reports layout.
  • Optimizes bank activity screen performance.
  • Adds RM/RCS switch in Company Settings (FR accounts).
  • Allows empty user code prefixe.


  • Fixes facets in bank activity only if the bank entry is in the current view.
  • Fixes bank activity empty state does not render properly in safari.
  • Fixes bank account wizard not pre-filed with params.
  • Fixes bank entries should not be editable.
  • Fixes two budget categories in the wrong parent category.
  • Fixes wrong color for due items (different than past due) in sales dashboard.
  • Fixes discount not included in “invoice trends” widget.
  • Reverses the colors red/green for expense widget comparison.
  • Fixes an error sometimes preventing loading of the VAT report.
  • Fixes translation of "VAT" using US translation in GB account.
  • Fixes delivery status of some invoices.
  • Fixes draft credit memo behavior.
  • Fixes behavior when user has been logged out.
  • Fixes an issue writing multi currency accounting in accrual.
  • Fixes issue causing search to use relevance search after clearing query.
  • Fixes support redirection for Google Apps account.
  • Fixes Square sync messages content.
  • Updates version of iOS and Android applications.
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