Features and Changes

  • Adds support for cash accounting and VAT accounting.
  • Adds draft status for tax entries.
  • Improves email template for credit memo, invoice pre-payment, customer statement, and invoice payment.
  • Improves keyword reconciler for UK.
  • Adds default fallback color for budget categories.
  • Adds account codes in the bank transaction widget if accountant view is enabled.
  • Adds email validation for customers, vendors, and contacts.


  • Improves detection of total, vendor, and category by OCR.
  • Fixes thousands separator not detected properly by OCR.
  • Improves error state handling in Name field of Product and Service.
  • Removes unnecessary date filter from bank account search.
  • Removes unnecessary date filter from product and service search.
  • Fixes inconsistent sorting order in search results.
  • Fixes employee filter: search does not work on some accounts.
  • Fixes alignment issue in Top 10 customers widget due to long names.
  • Fixes export products and exports services combines product and services together.
  • Fixes mobile view: wrap truncated texts due to overlap of buttons.
  • Fixes mobile view: setting filters forces scroll to the top of the viewport.
  • Fixes IE 11 and Edge: compatibility issues with icons.
  • Fixes filtering of manual accounting entries from potential matches.
  • Fixes choosing payee of bank transfer should default to ‘bank account’ in bank transactions.
  • Fixes display of error message when inviting an already-used email address.
  • Adds uncategoried bank transactions to the section header totals in Cash Flow.
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