Features and Changes

  • Improves cashflow forecast generation regarding COVID19.
  • Improves forecast generation efficiency.
  • Improves experience importing customer, vendor, product, service, and bank statement.
  • Transforms Reward Income category into a category for Grants for new UK accounts.


  • Fixes a delimiter problem while parsing CSV files.
  • Fixes an issue showing correct dot color next to categories label.
  • Fixes expense validation error when a bank is not selected and no payee is selected.
  • Fixes an issue where the default profile picture was not saved.
  • Fixes issue preventing to show Login form when connecting certain banks.
  • Fixes issue preventing to answer certain multi-factor authentication question connecting certain banks.
  • Fixes issue preventing to select OFX file from file system during bank statement import.
  • Fixes Reconciliation for Cash Accounting that does not create payments.
  • Fixes possible wrong date for bank transaction due to TimeZone issue.
  • Fixes missing settlements when duplicating memos.
  • Fixes an issue applying a Sales Receipt as payment for an Invoice.
  • Fixes expense bank entries accounting using a signed amount.
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