Features and Changes

  • Flattens the Category list. Parent categories are moved into the secondary level of the category selector.
  • Adds unpaid status and due date for sales receipt.
  • Disable bank account information edition if the bank is linked to a Bank.


  • Improves transaction de-duplication when syncing certain bank accounts.
  • Fixes a sales receipt validation error when a bank is not selected and no payee is selected.
  • Updates label for expense and sales receipt in auto-numbering settings list.
  • Prevents edition of parent budget categories
  • Fixes customer accounting category field not saved.
  • Prevents the sending of payment due notification for cancelled invoices.
  • Allows the cancel button to be dynamically hidden in certain screens.
  • Fixes accounting basis behavior that can change after draft document creation.
  • Fixes an issue where emails were rejected by the recipient email server.
  • Adds a restriction to prevent creating an expense or sales receipt with an amount inferior or equal to 0.
  • Fixes an issue during Excel export for Column with a very long name.
  • Fixes an issue with QIF bank statement import from certain banks.
  • Fixes issue allowing to test email validity based on forget password response time.
  • Improves error message if an error occurs during the communication with HMRC API.
  • Fixes Pack Units not Working for certain Purchasing documents.
  • Fixes Importing Products Description does not accept certain special characters.
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